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Webeecam   December 23, 2016   No Comments on SDK for Webeecam

Greetings from Webeecam SDK Team!

To all our customers, we thank you for showing immense interest in requesting an SDK. We are very excited to announce our SDK like never before this holiday. We thought our app was being used in very interesting ways by our customers than we initially imagined. Now our SDK customers are creating even more excitement with their application queries.

When we started out Webeecam SDK development, we had to think of all kinds of developers coming from Eclipse IDE to on-boarders of Android Studio to Experts on Android Studio. Android Studio was the talk of the town, as a mounting sea wave going to create that huge sweep very soon. But we were not interested to leave out the long term Eclipse followers from this fun.

Hence we decided that the SDK would support both the Eclipse and the Android Studio development environments with no rooting of devices. We hope all our customers would love it.

We are very happy to support our customers to create their camera solutions ranging from turn-key to commercial products.

If you are interested in our SDK or have any queries, please feel free to reach out to us at

Happy Holidays!!!

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