5 Reasons you should download Webeecam – Android USB camera app TODAY!

#1 Connect your favourite Webcam to your Android Phone
Webeecam is a leading Android USB Camera application for Android Phones / tablets and on installation supports any off-the-shelf USB Video Class based Web camera connected to the Android phone.

#2 Webeecam is a product developed by camera experts
Webeecam is developed and sold by e-con Systems, an end-to-end camera solutions company. e-con Systems offers OEM camera products, software, drivers, customization services and image processing expertise for customers with camera requirements.
Over 50 man years of camera expertise is behind the brain of the Webeecam application.

#3 The only Android Mobile application that supports complete camera and sensor controls of the USB Camera and intends to support multiple frame formats like Bayer, YUV, etc.

#4 Completely customizable SDK that can be customized as per the customer needs. e-con Systems has business models where it can license the SDK binaries and source code for end application integrations.

#5 Assured Support – e-con Systems has a dedicated camera support team that would also support Webeecam. There is continuous investment on Webeecam (with weekly updates) increasing the number of cameras it supports and also the phones it supports.

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